I want to give you, my readers, a little information about myself. I received my real estate license in 2004 and my Brokers license in 2012 and opened my own office the same year. I didn't want a brand association because I wanted the freedom to do real estate differently and out of the box.

I have many years of education and experience behind me. Specializing in the luxury market utilizing specific target marketing of these homes. I've learned how to best market real estate to benefit every seller I've worked with or will work for in the future.

The best qualities, I think, that I bring to the table on every transaction is my resourcefulness, willingness to go the extra mile and creative ideas.

Because I have been in real estate so long, I have some very humorous stories to tell about how "to not do" real estate I think you will enjoy. Please check them out on my blog. They are sure to make you laugh. 

Stay tuned for those stories. Feel free to comment and make sure you check out the testimonials.